How to make Professional Success a habit?

Success, in any walk of life, is a continuation of who you are. So to make professional success a habit, make the following habits a part of your personal life and see magical changes in the world around you !

1. A King’s Breakfast.

Well, if you are someone who grabs a tiny cookie or just gulps some air on your way to work, STOP IT NOW! Take time, to have a healthy grub in the morning; balancing proteins, essential fibers and nutrients. A healthy breakfast not only reduces obesity, high blood pressure, heart diseases and diabetes; but it also helps in prepping you for the initial hours of your work, keeping you energized.


2. Mini meditation magic.

Want to abandon yourself in a lush green clearing inside a forest, picking daisies? But that sort of pristine calm only remains in the books you read and movies you watch? I feel you girl! But hey, in our cyber world cycles, we do lack time, but we sure can take a quick 15 out of the 1440 minutes of a day to Meditate. Isolate yourself, take deep breaths and let go. Meditation is the food for soul, it energizes your body and mind from inside and fine tunes your nervous system, sharpens your reflexes, improves your perception and helps you express yourself even better.


3. De-clutter your desk.

Does your work desk look like it was hit by a tornado recently? Remember last time you spent almost 10 minutes finding that paper clip you knew you had somewhere on the desk !!Then it’s high time you de-clutter your desk. Not only does an organized work desk look calming and good, but it also saves you time and imparts impossible amounts of positive energy. So spare a little time, stacking the papers, pushing the pen-stand to your right corner and placing you coffee mug on the left. You don’t have to be a Feng-shui master to do this. Try it out.

4. Got a Grumpy Neck and Groaning back?

Fret not!! Didn’t you notice the clause “Surrendering to eternal neck, shoulder and back discomforts and pains.” while signing the offer letter? Yes, It’s a part and parcel of our lives now. Well, experts say, it’s a MUST that you do subtle stretching exercises while at office, at regular intervals. And a good ergonomic chair helps to a certain extend too.

5. Savor a bit of retro charm with a day planner.

Nope, not asking you to hop on a time machine, but why don’t you try this one out ? Get a classy/sassy day planner, jot your to-do list there, under the dates. Why do this, in the age of Phone reminders and Google calendars, which hoot out to you when something is due, you may ask. Well, studies say that, when you write down something it gets scribed on your mind as well. Maybe a ghost of what you have written might follow you even if you miss the alerts from your gadgets! Or maybe, it is just the comfort or an angle of romanticism that affirms the superiority of actual books over E-books! Worth a try!

6. A Hobby to go home to.

Most of the work place slogging comes from “Sighhh..what am I doing with my life!” mode that you throw yourself into at times. Well, the question should be “Man, what all can I do with my life?”, and work on it. Take time out for your hobby, be it a sport, be it music, art, or even fishing! No. Don’t do it once in a blue moon. Indulge in it religiously. Its what you are good at, so ace it, master it and make it your own. Walk to work brimming with energy happiness and a whole new level of confidence!

7. Goodnight, Sleep Tight!

No. You are no Sun. You can’t just ‘set’ at office so that you can go home and burn for the rest of the 24 hours ! You need sleep. Quoting the Bard of Avon, who said thus : “Sleep that knits up the ravell’d sleeve of care,The death of each day’s life, sore labour’s bath, Balm of hurt minds, great nature’s second course, Chief nourisher in life’s feast”. In not-so-poetic words, you need to sleep well to function well. At the least a good 5 hour sleep would keep you fresh and healthy for the hurdles to jump at work !

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